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At US Hospitals, a Drug Mix-Up Is Just a Few Keystrokes Away
Computerized medication cabinets — or automated dispensing cabinets — help U.S.... Read More »
Cerebral’s Preferred Pharmacy Truepill Halts Adderall Prescriptions for All Customers
Truepill, a mail-order pharmacy that fills drug orders for Cerebral and other telehealth... Read More »
Mozilla Finds Mental Health Apps Fail 'Spectacularly' at User Security, Data Policies
A new report reveals a surprising disregard for user security and privacy in mental health and... Read More »
Court Rules That State’s Medical Malpractice Act Can Apply to Nonpatients
Indiana's Supreme Court was recently asked to rule on whether the state's Medical... Read More »
Virtual Education Effective for Patient Self-Testing for Warfarin Therapy
The COVID-19 pandemic helped drive the modern telemedicine movement, including management of... Read More »
Assistance With Connecting to Virtual Visits Can Help Close Care Gaps
An initiative that included "virtual rooming," in which a medical assistant calls the... Read More »
Nursing Homes Face Growing Number of Lawsuits From COVID-19 Fallout
Dozens of lawsuits are being filed in New York and around the country by families of nursing... Read More »
Women Are Calling Out ‘Medical Gaslighting’
A long-term complaint among female patients about providers playing down or misdiagnosing their... Read More »
COVID Pandemic's End May Bring Turbulence for U.S. Health Care
A rash of emergency policies helped the U.S. health care system manage the chaos of the COVID-19... Read More »