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Surgeon General Issues Landmark Report with New Solutions to Combat Crippling Worker Burnout Issue
The U.S. surgeon general is highlighting the urgent need to address healthcare worker burnout. Read More »
'Testing Bottleneck' for Monkeypox Puts Hope of Containment at Risk, Experts Warn
Experts warn the United States' approach to monkeypox testing could cause delays in curbing... Read More »
Top Privacy Researchers Urge the Health Care Industry to Safeguard Patient Data
Privacy, as it pertains to patient data, took center stage at the recent 2022 STAT Health Tech... Read More »
The Doctor Prescribed an Obesity Drug. Her Insurer Called It ‘Vanity.’
Physicians agree that obesity is a chronic disease warranting intensive medical care, including... Read More »
‘It's a Tsunami': Legal Challenges Threatening Public Health Policy
America's collective health is at risk, critics say, as one legal challenge after another... Read More »
Cerebral Says It Will Stop Prescribing Most Controlled Substances
Cerebral Inc., criticized for what some viewed as overprescribing of stimulants for patients... Read More »
Adverse Events in Hospitals: A Quarter of Medicare Patients Experienced Harm in October 2018
One quarter of Medicare patients experienced patient harm during their hospital stays in October... Read More »
Drug-Overdose Deaths Reached a Record in 2021, Fueled by Fentanyl
U.S. overdose fatalities climbed about 15% last year from 2020 to hit an unfortunate new... Read More »
Medicare Advantage Plans Often Deny Needed Care, Federal Report Finds
Federal investigators from the HHS inspector general's office published a report Thursday... Read More »