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Special Fraud Alert: OIG Alerts Practitioners to Exercise Caution When Entering Into Arrangements with Purported Telemedicine Companies
The Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General (OIG) issued a special... Read More »
COVID-19 Was Third Leading Cause of Death in the United States in Both 2020 and 2021
The results of a new study show that COVID-19 was the third leading cause of death in the United... Read More »
Long COVID Symptoms Are Often Overlooked in Seniors
Research indicates that older adults are more prone to developing long COVID compared with... Read More »
State Medical Board Group Offers Guidelines for Appropriate Telehealth Use
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Preventive Care May Be Free, but Follow-Up Diagnostic Tests Can Bring Big Bills
The Affordable Care Act ensures that preventive services such as breast cancer screenings are... Read More »
Surgeon General Issues Landmark Report with New Solutions to Combat Crippling Worker Burnout Issue
The U.S. surgeon general is highlighting the urgent need to address healthcare worker burnout. Read More »
'Testing Bottleneck' for Monkeypox Puts Hope of Containment at Risk, Experts Warn
Experts warn the United States' approach to monkeypox testing could cause delays in curbing... Read More »
The Doctor Prescribed an Obesity Drug. Her Insurer Called It ‘Vanity.’
Physicians agree that obesity is a chronic disease warranting intensive medical care, including... Read More »
Cerebral Says It Will Stop Prescribing Most Controlled Substances
Cerebral Inc., criticized for what some viewed as overprescribing of stimulants for patients... Read More »