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More Than 1,300 Nursing Homes Had COVID Infection Rates of at Least 75% in 2020: HHS
An Office of the Inspector General (OIG) for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services... Read More »
Cancer Death Rates Down but Racial Disparities Persist Among Black Men and Women
U.S. cancer deaths have fallen 33% since 1991, according to American Cancer Society data, which... Read More »
Systematic Review: About One in 18 Patients Are Misdiagnosed in ED
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Long COVID to Blame for More Than 3,500 Deaths So Far, CDC Reports
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U.S. Remains Worst in the World for Maternal Mortality, Health Equity
Maternal mortality is worsening in all developed nations, but the gap between the United States... Read More »
High Medical Malpractice Premiums Are Driving OB-GYNs Out of the Business. How Will Women Cope?
There is a shortage of doctors across the United States, particularly in obstetrics and... Read More »
Millions Suffer from Long COVID – and It Costs Them $9,000 a Year in Health-Care Expenses, on Average
The U.S. economy faces an estimated $3.7 trillion in long COVID costs, and of that, $528 billion... Read More »
Using Medical Jargon Confuses Patients Amid Low Health Literacy Trends
According to a study published in JAMA Network Open, patients are better able to understand... Read More »
Mental Health Workforce Shortages Tied to Increase in Youth Suicides
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