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Court Loosens Rules on Where Malpractice Cases Can Be Filed
The Pennsylvania Supreme Court recently reversed a 20-year-old rule requiring medical... Read More »
NC Supreme Court Rules Nurses Can Be Held Legally Liable for Medical Mistakes
Striking down a 90-year-old precedent in Byrd v. Marion General Hospital, the North Carolina... Read More »
America Has a Maternal Mortality Crisis. Biden Push Aims to Change That.
The Biden administration has developed a nearly 70-page plan that sets forth over 50 actions to... Read More »
70 Deaths, Many Wasted Organs Are Blamed on Transplant System Errors
A report from the U.S. Senate Finance Committee found that mistakes in transplant organ... Read More »
California Court Rules Hospital 'Not Liable' for Doctor It Doesn't Employ
The California Court of Appeal for the Fifth District recently ruled that a hospital can be held... Read More »
Trends in Adverse Event Rates in Hospitalized Patients, 2010-2019
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Pandemic Fueled Surge in Superbug Infections and Deaths, CDC Says
Hospital "superbug" infections, which declined almost 30% during 2012–2017, made... Read More »
Age Discrimination May Be Taking Toll on Health of Older Adults Across U.S.
New research in JAMA Network Open shows that many older adults in the United States regularly... Read More »
Recalled Sleep-Apnea Machines Pass Key Safety Tests, Philips Says
Although a battery of safety tests conducted on Royal Philips' DreamStation One CPAP machine... Read More »